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Campus Clean

About Us

Campus Clean is a cleaning company which was established in 2018 by a young student entrepreneur.

We aim to provide students with a convenient, budget friendly solution to having a clean, organized room. We bring simplicity and service to our clients with the goal of minimizing their stress and responsibly of cleaning their own rooms.

Clean and efficient cleaning service created by a student, for students.

How it works

Why Choose Us


Life as a student can be stressful, that’s why we have dedicate our efforts making the process from booking your Campus cleaner to experiencing the pleasure of a clean room all via the ease of our booking system.

Budget Friendly

We are aware of the “student life situation” and tight budgets restraints and have therefore customized our prices to your specific res in order to be as budget friendly as possible.


At Campus Clean we take pride in our network of trustworthy, reliable cleaners who always have a smile on their faces! These cleaners are screened prior to being contracted in order to insure our reliability to our clients.